The Abels


The Abels are a collection of mountains in Tasmania that are higher than 1,100 metres above sea level. There are 158 in total. For me, the Abels will be a long term project. Living in Victoria, my opportunities to venture to these peaks are limited. Here I will share stories of my Abels adventures.

Abel 1 – Mount Ossa

Overland Day 4: Overcoming Ossa’s Obelisk

Abel 3 – Pelion West

Overland Day 3: Panic on Pelion

Abel 4 – Barn Bluff

Overland Day 2: Barn Bluff Blindness

Why Climb The Mountain?

Abel 13 – The Acropolis

Acropolis: The Dolerite Fortress

Abel 87 – Mount Campbell

The Adventure Bug: Campbell Calling