Bogong High Plains Part 1: Highway on the High Plains

We love snow, us Aussies. Perhaps it’s because in this wide brown land of ours, it doesn’t seem to fit. People from all over the country travel long distances to spend a few hours, or days, frolicking in the snowy expanses that our alpine areas offer in winter. When we arrived, the 213cm base was [...]


The Adventure Bug: Campbell Calling

I believe there’s an adventure bug inside all of us. It lies dormant within the human spirit. Some will never discover it, while others will dedicate their life to pursuing it. As adventurers, some things just make us tick. That little adventure bug starts pounding on the walls of your chest. It wants to escape [...]

Acropolis: The Dolerite Fortress

“How about 10:30?” I asked. “I was thinking earlier”, replied Cris. “What time do you usually wake up?” “I’m a uni student”, I explained, “it’s either 6:30 or 11:30”. “How about 9:30?” I was satisfied with the compromise. I’ve never been a morning person, but a mountain is a good incentive to lure me out [...]

Why Climb The Mountain?

“There’s no point heading up Barn Bluff if the weather stays like this. We won’t get a view anyway.” That’s fair. “Is that why you climb?” I should have asked. They came to climb this majestic peak, but it was rainy and foggy and the white oblivion was the only view to be gained. Personally, [...]

Grampians Peaks Taster (Wonderland Loop)

Dad and I had our first taste of the Grampians Peaks Trail back in February of last year. As we keenly await the opening of the full trail in 2019, I hope my thoughts on the first section can be an appetizer to adventurous spirits out there. The start of the walk is conveniently located [...]